Graduated Compression Dress Socks - Light Blue

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Graduated Compression Dress Socks - Light Blue

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  • Graduated Compression Sock 15-20 mmHg
  • 25% Lycra 30% Cotton 45% Nylon
  • Styled with modern chevron patterns
  • Boosts performance and enhances overall energy levels
  • Decreased leg swelling and heaviness
  • Reduce leg soreness and fatigue
  • Lowered risk of deep vein clots and thrombosis (DVT)
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Cirktek Graduated Compression Dress Socks

·         Cirktek Graduated Compression Dress Socks allows adequate blood flow in your legs helping you to have less pain, swelling, fatigue, and preventing vein-related disease.

·         High-tech and micro-pore manufacturing enhances airflow to reduce sweat accumulation and woven lycra provides a boost to the graduated compression.

·         Styled with modern chevron patterns, these socks are very comfortable and easy to put on making them ideal for everyday use (standing all day, sitting all day, pregnancy/maternity, travel and more) with formal or casual attire.

You will notice the difference when you are wearing Cirktek Graduated Compression Dress Socks.


The most advanced compression sock technology designed and engineered by vascular therapists. Originally designed to combat vascular conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis and Varicose Veins, MDSOX has been proven to greatly improve performance and stamina for athletes as well as fight fatigue and cramps for anyone with a physically demanding job or lifestyle. From athletes, construction workers, nurses, to even office workers, MDSOX has been proven to boost comfort and performance.

MDSOX is compression done right. Leading vascular experts have created MDSOX with the optimal graduated compression starting tight in the feet, and diminishing up towards the top of the sock. This ensures that blood flow is not constricted where needed, preventing the tourniquet effect seen in other compression products on the market. MDSOX graduated compression directs blood flow up the leg and to the heart for you to feel lighter and stronger as you walk through the day with confidence.



Improve your blood flow and deliver the maximum amount of oxygen throughout your body to perform at the highest level with breathable compression technology.


MDSOX graduated compression socks reduce the build-up of lactic acid and fights fatigue that comes from intense physical activity to promote the best post-exercise recovery. 


Boost your vascular health even when you are not working out with graduated compression technology developed by leading vein doctors to prevent vascular diseases.

The highest quality

Unlike other imitation brands, MDSOX undergoes rigorous testing for proper compression, both at the factory and just before shipment to ensure the best compression gradient around the leg.

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