MDSOX was founded on the simple desire to improve patient care. Dr. Joseph Furlong, a leading vascular physician, began to notice that the existing compression socks his patients were using were not improving their conditions. He decided to do something about it. Together with his team of leading vascular health professionals, they began to develop the most advanced and effective compression socks.


The Right Compression Sock

The result was MDSOX. Using their medical knowledge and experience, Dr. Furlong and his team were able to develop a compression sock that actually did what it was supposed to- it improved the lives of his patients. As he saw MDSOX make a noticeable difference in his patients’ lives, he began to think about how others could benefit from the use of effective compression socks.

Not Just for the Medical Field

The answer proved simple. As leading vascular professionals, Dr. Furlong and his team knew that compression socks encouraged the flow of blood to the legs. While vascular patients use the compression socks for therapy, this same effect could help athletes, people with active lifestyles and professionals who are on their feet all day.

Our Mission

We strive to provide high end compression socks and stockings to people who pursue active lifestyles whether it is job-related or personal preference. Compression socks are an ideal way to keep legs strong and healthy throughout the day. This makes them an ideal addition to the wardrobe of athletes, healthcare professionals, and anyone else who is constantly on their feet and moving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in quality compression socks and stockings. Our product was specifically designed to improve blood flow from the legs by a medical team who have devoted their lives to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular problems. We are eager to prevent more people from the struggles of vein disease. That is why you cannot beat our compression socks’ quality, design, durability and universal appeal. Once you experience the benefits of MDSOX, you will wonder what you did without them.



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