Whether you are a runner, a cyclist or simply a sporting enthusiast, MDSOX socks can take your body’s experience to the next level. Enjoy more energy and less soreness as the compression design allows the lactic acid that causes soreness to dissipate in a regular way, preventing it from building up in your muscles and causing inflammation and soreness.

The Right Design for Healthy Blood Flow

Our socks have been specially designed for active lifestyles by vascular specialists. When you lead an active lifestyle, you are constantly pushing your body to the limits. MDSOX offers a way to keep the vasculature structures in your legs healthy and supported. Our custom made design begins with tight compression on the foot, gradually loosening as the sock climbs your calf. This prevents blood from pooling in your foot and promotes healthy, continuous blood flow up and down your legs.

Maximizing Your Body’s Potential

When you are in the habit of pushing your body to the limit, you are always going to be on the lookout for anything that can optimize the way your body works. During a workout, your body works hard to ensure that every system within your body does what it should. Your vascular system is always pumping hard to make sure oxygen rich blood gets to where it needs to go, so finding a way to boost your energy levels is going to be a plus.

MDSOX Compression Socks Work for You



Improve your blood flow and deliver the maximum amount of oxygen throughout your body to perform at the highest level with breathable compression technology.


MDSOX graduated compression socks reduce the build-up of lactic acid and fights fatigue that comes from intense physical activity to promote the best post-exercise recovery. 


Boost your vascular health even when you are not working out with graduated compression technology developed by leading vein doctors to prevent vascular diseases.


Our Socks Designed with Your Lifestyle in Mind

MDSOX are compression socks done right. The design of the sock itself provides both muscular and vascular support, promoting even blood flow that prevents blood from pooling in your legs. That can lead to painful varicose veins and vascular problems. Our graduated compression socks are designed to keep blood flowing evenly throughout your legs and back up to your heart. This allows for maximum blood flow, which translates into less fatigue and soreness at the end of the day. For people with active lifestyles, there couldn’t be a better product on the market to keep your legs healthy and prevent vascular problems later in life.


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