The most advanced compression technology designed and engineered by vascular therapists. Originally designed to combat vascular conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis and Varicose Veins. MDSOX has been proven to greatly improve performance and stamina for athletes as well as fight fatigue and cramps for anyone with a physically demanding job or lifestyle. From athletes, construction workers, nurses, to even office workers, MDSOX has been proven to boost comfort and performance.


MDSOX are carefully engineered for proper graduated compression. This provides you with the optimum blood flow effect as the compression improves circulation in your leg.

Our socks are woven from:

·         Comfortable natural cotton fiber.

·         Lycra boosts graduated compression.

·         High-tech micro-pore construction that enhances air flow and reduces weat accumulation.

·         X-Static Silver thread delivers permanent anti-odor and anti-microbial performance.

MDSOX can take your body's experience to the next level. Enjoy more energy and less soreness as the compression design allows the lactic acid that causes soreness to dissipate, preventing it from building up in your muscles and reducing inflammation and soreness.


Cirktek Graduated Compression Dress Socks allows adequate blood flow in your legs helping you to have less pain, swelling, fatigue, and preventing vein-related disease.

·         High-tech and micro-pore manufacturing enhances airflow to reduce sweat accumulation and woven lycra provides a boost to the graduated compression.

·         Styled with modern chevron patterns, these socks are very comfortable and easy to put on making them ideal for everyday use (standing all day, sitting all day, pregnancy/maternity, travel and more) with formal or casual attire.

You will notice the difference when you are wearing Cirktek Graduated Compression Dress Socks.



MDSOX Compression Foot Sleeve offer premium support with all the benefits of an ankle sleeve for fast relief from pain and inflammation. With outstanding compression technology, our ankle sleeves provide the perfect level of compression on every region of the foot to promote better circulation, a speedy recovery from runner’s foot and heel pain caused from Plantar Fasciitis.  

Our light weight compression sleeves keep your feet dry and cool with high tech moisture wicking technology and can be worn either over athletic or under fashion socks for extra arch support. If you're already wearing MDSOX graduated compression socks, applying the ankle sleeves will add an extra boost to the foot for improved graduated compression benefits. 

You will feel lighter, stronger, faster and more confident from the very first time you slip on your MDSOX Ankle Sleeves.